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2201 Midway Road #302
Carrollton, TX, 75006
United States

(214) 389 1000

World Class Family Wines
2201 Midway Rd 302
Carrollton, TX 75006

Importers of Wines from the Western Cape of South Africa



Môreson Winery & Family Farms

Môreson Winery & Family Farms

Môreson is a little slice of magic. A tranquil paradise located at the end of the aptly named Happy Valley Road in Franschhoek, South Africa. The Môreson environment is the perfect retreat from the hectic pace of modern day life.

The atmosphere and setting will transport you back to a time when your life was less cluttered. You will find that shortly after arriving you are standing a little taller, walking a little slower and smiling a lot more.

Whether it´s a glass of their multi award-winning wine, a meal at their critically acclaimed Bread & Wine Vineyard Restaurant or a visit to the onsite Orchid and Exotic Plants Nursery – you´ll be able to taste their passion, see their magic and feel their love.


A short letter from Nikki Friedman - third generation Môreson
- and involved in every aspect of managing her family's amazing farm.

A little over a quarter of a century ago I visited Môreson for the first time, I was four years old. My Dad and I flew down one weekend to see the farm my Grandpa - who we affectionately called Papa - had purchased on auction.

Six years later my Dad became the second generation of Friedman to farm this special piece of land; while myself and my three siblings became the third generation to call Môreson home.  Over the next two decades we set about transforming Môreson into the farm it is today.

Almost immediately we stopped sending grapes to the local co-operative and transformed a dilapidated shed into the first phase of our the present Môreson winery.

My Mum, my Dad and Klaas (our then gardener and the man behind the name of our famous MKM Pinotage) made up the original Môreson wine making team.  Over the years as the demand for our world-class wines grew we added to our winery and our team. As a family we've tried to do this in a way that showcases our past and the heritage of the land we are lucky enough to call our home. In fact the tasting room that our visitors experience when at our family farm is what remains of the old farmhouse; and the working cellar that is still made up of the two converted sheds and the add-ons we required as our operation blossomed.

Our cellar, while not the most modern or beautiful, reflects our family's wine-journey; and it is home to all of our memories.

I remember drinking grape juice fresh from the press during harvest time. I remember eating more sickly-sweet grapes than anyone child should ever eat. I remember my Papa sitting on our plastic garden furniture in the winery telling my Dad exactly how he needed to make wine … Fast-forward two decades and it is now my Dad's turn, albeit sans plastic garden furniture, to tell me what I need to do.

Recently we added a 4th generation of our family to the Môreson story. My twins, who arrived last year, call Môreson their home. I cannot wait to show them all the secret pathways my brothers, sister and myself used to race along; the trees we used to climb; the fruit trees we used to raid and the farm I am still lucky enough to call my home.

Môreson is the most magical family wine farm in the whole world and I feel privileged to be able to share it and our superb wines with you,

Third Generation Môreson,
Nikki Friedman "lady fizz"